Mom Horrifically Burned by Exploding Pressure Cooker

A mother in Australia suffered horrific 2nd-degree burns on most of her upper body after a Casera Electric Pressure Cooker exploded.

Cassie Hodges posted gruesome pictures on social media to raise awareness about that dangers of pressure cookers. She was making soup and walked into the kitchen, holding her 12-week-old infant son in her arms when she noticed that it was nearly done cooking. She left the room to put her son down and returned to release the pressure

The lid unlocked, but because it hadn’t finished releasing the pressure, the lid flew off — and the entire contents of the pressure cooker exploded out. She suffered burns over 12% of her body.

“I have severe burns to majority of both my arms my chest and my stomach. I was told I had to have all my dead, burned skin removed by scraping it with a rough towel and biobrane. I have never felt such pain in my life.”

She is now demanding a recall for the pressure cooker because the lid unlocked prematurely. If you have a Casera pressure cooker, she urges you to reconsider using it during your next meal.

Mom Horrifically Burned by Exploding Pressure Cooker

Source: ‘MY BABY COULD HAVE BEEN HURT’ Mum horrifically burned in pressure cooker explosion was holding 12-week-old son just moments before

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