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Tristar Power Pressure Cooker Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Anyone who bought a Power Pressure Cooker between March 1, 2013 and January 19, 2018 may be eligible for compensation as part of a class action lawsuit settlement with Tristar Products Inc. Click here to read more.

Settlement Reached in Tristar Power Pressure Cooker Lawsuit

Power Pressure Cooker Lawsuit
Tristar Power Pressure Cooker XL

Tristar Products has paid a settlement to Ninfa and Jose Vasquez in a pressure cooker explosion lawsuit (PDF) that was filed in Brownsville, Texas. The victims were severely burned after a Tristar Power Cooker XL pressure cooker exploded when they used it for the first time to make pinto beans for the family’s dinner.

$27 Million Settlement Awarded to Toddler Badly Burned by Pressure Cooker

Lawyers for a 2-year-old girl who was severely burned by an exploding pressure cooker have achieved a $27 million settlement on her behalf.

The lawsuit was filed by the family of Samantha Gonzalez, a toddler who was being bathed in the sink by her grandmother when the Vasconia® Pressure Cooker exploded in 2015.

She suffered severe burns over 60% of her body. Doctors were eventually forced to amputate one of her legs, a hip, and all of her fingers. She was left with disfiguring scars over most of her body.

The settlement funds will cover ongoing medical care, plastic surgery, and prosthetics.

Settlement Awarded in Maxi-Matic Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuit

Maxi-Matic Pressure CookerNovember 2018 — Kohl’s has paid a confidential settlement to a woman who was burned when her Maxi-Matic Elite Bistro Pressure Cooker exploded.

The lawsuit was filed by Gene and Bridget Iovino against Kohl’s Department Stores Inc. and Maxi-Matic USA Inc.

Bridget Iovino purchased the pressure cooker in October 2014. The explosion occurred in March 2015 when Bridget Iovino was using the pressure cooker to make chicken broth.

She added ingredients, poured 10 cups of water into the cooker and set the timer for an hour. After the cooker turned off automatically, she left it alone for about 45 minutes, according to the lawsuit.

She depressurized the cooker and added more seasoning into the broth, then put the lid back on and set the timer for another 25 minutes.

She saw an abnormal amount of steam coming from the exhaust valve before it exploded, leaving her with 2nd- and 3rd-degree burns, the lawsuit stated.

“[Bridget] Iovino walked two steps away from the pressure cooker before it exploded, covering [her] with hot water and steam.”

Lawyers for Gene and Bridget Iovino filed a notice of settlement with the Glendale Superior Court on July 20, 2018, stating that the case was resolved, but no terms were revealed.

Source: Canyon Country Couple Settles Pressure Cooker Explosion Lawsuit

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