Lawsuit Filed for Girl Burned by Instant Pot Explosion

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker ExplosionsApril 30, 2019 — A lawsuit has been filed by the family of a 9 year-old girl who suffered 3rd-degree burns on her face and body after an Instant Pot exploded hot soup and steam.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Caroline Cooper, a girl who was burned by an Instant Pot in September 2017. The accident occurred while she was in the kitchen helping her mother cook soup for dinner.

According to the lawsuit, they vented the steam after the Instant Pot beeped when it was done. Caroline’s mother twisted the lid to add more ingredients when it suddenly exploded.

Caroline’s body was covered in boiling-hot soup and her face was scalded by a burst of steam. She suffered 3rd-degree burns covering about 16% of her body, including her shoulder, arm, chest, and torso.

The manufacturers of Instant Pot claim that the lid can’t be opened while there is still a dangerous amount of pressure inside. Lawyers allege that this primary “safety” claim is not true:

“We’ve got a lot of cases around the world where users are experiencing the lid popping off and the contents of the Instant Pot spewing all over causing third degree burns – these are the facts.”

When investigators with FOX31 Problem Solvers tested 3 different versions of the Instant Pot, they were able to repeatedly open the lid on a version of the Instant Pot with a supposedly locking lid. The user manual claims that a user should never be able to open the lid when there is still pressure inside the Instant Pot.

Source: Instant Pot scalds girl

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