Pressure Cooker Accident Severely Burns Boy and Grandmother

A 9 year-old boy and his grandmother from Wynnewood, Oklahoma were severely burned when a pressure cooker exploded.

The boy, Aiden Tuley, was helping his grandmother use a new type of pressure cooker to make beans. The family believes she put too much water in the pressure cooker. It exploded within minutes, they said.

“We are unplugging it, we are releasing the pressure, my nana puts too much water in there. It was like, all you could hear is just the water coming out and it came to attack.”

Aiden and his grandmother were both hit with boiling-hot liquid from the pressure cooker, which caused them to suffer blisters and burns. He was hospitalized in the burn unit after the accident.

Aiden suffered 2nd-degree burns and his grandmother suffered 3rd-degree burns. Thankfully, doctors do not believe the boy will be left with any permanent scars, but he may be limited with physical activity.

Source: 9-year-old severely burned after pressure cooker accident

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