Texas Woman Burned by Instant Pot Explosion

In March 2018, ABC News reported that a mom from Katy, Texas was severely burned when her Instant Pot exploded in her kitchen.

The injured woman, Sheila Guthrie, says she has been using her Instant Pot for more than a year and has made soups and stews before.

Like many users, she puts a towel over the top of the Instant Pot to control the moisture when it is venting.

“I tossed a kitchen towel over the top. … I noticed my neck was burning, and my arm was burning.”

She believes she touched the towel and it somehow set off an explosion of boiling-hot vegetable soup.

The soup hit the ceiling and blew several feet away from the pressure cooker. It also landed on her body and caused severe burns to her neck and arm. She says she will avoid using the Instant Pot in the future.

Source: Katy family says Instant Pot erupted leaving mom burned

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