A businesswoman who starred on TV shows such as The Apprentice suffered disfiguring burns when a pressure cooker exploded and sprayed her with scalding-hot lentils.

Kavita Oberoi, 45, was preparing lentils for her family when she opened the lid of her pressure cooker — and was hit by an explosion of boiling-hot lentils, resulting in 1st-degree burns all over her face.

“The next thing I can remember is a loud explosion and the stuff went everywhere. My face was so hot. I must have shut my eyes because they weren’t injured.”

She narrowly avoided being blinded by the explosion, and says the freak accident could have killed her. Luckily, she was on the other side of the kitchen when the pressure cooker exploded.

TV Star: "Exploding Pressure Cooker Nearly Killed Me"

Furthermore, she is now warning that some pressure cookers lack essential safety features that would prevent the lid from being opened before all of the pressure is released from the pot.

“There is a safety mechanism in these machines which should make it impossible to open until all the pressure has been released. There shouldn’t have been any [pressure] left inside. … There must have been a fault with it.”

She is now urging anyone who owns a pressure cooker to throw it away and buy a safer alternative, such as a slow cooker.

Source: Exploding pressure cooker nearly killed me: Businesswoman who starred in The Secret Millionaire and The Apprentice tells how she suffered disfiguring burns after kitchen gadget sprayed her with scalding hot dhal

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